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The founders of Travelniq are travelers (not tourists) and our trips reflect that. Both Vanessa and Nick see the world differently because of the incredible impact their travel experiences have had on their lives.


Nick was born in the U.S but from an early age became addicted to the thrill of traveling after moving to Germany and making Europe his playground. Since then, he has lived in China and England where he discovered his passions for music, cooking, and fell in love with the cultures of the world.


Vanessa, is a free-spirited traveler, who was born in Brazil, and since then has lived in the U.S., Italy, and Spain. Her passion for traveling is matched only by her love of art and she is a gifted photographer and painter.  She has embarked on multiple solo journeys across the world, visited over 50 countries – and through that she has found herself, and many lifelong friends.


Together, we believe that traveling is not only an amazing experience but essential to a living a full life. That is why it is our mission to make it easier for people to experience everything the world has to offer while appreciating everything they have to offer to the world.

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