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We’re not just a travel company; we’re your new best friend. We’ll be with you from the beginning until the end, guiding you step-by-step to your next European getaway. Unlike typical travel agencies, we strive to provide a truly life-changing travel experience, that fits both your style and budget. By offering exclusive prices combined with a unique destination selection process and expert travel recommendations, we guarantee to create the perfect trip for you.  Whether you are looking to try something new, feel a certain way, or simply get out of your daily routine, we will make your dream vacation a reality.


Feelings Trips

Lacking inspiration? Hungry for an adventure? Or perhaps, you just want to relax? These trips will give you exactly the feeling you’ve been missing.

Places Trips

Have an idea of where you want to be, but don’t know where to go? These trips will take you to dream destinations you didn’t even know existed.

Create Your Own

Know the places you want to go, but need help putting it together? We’ll offer unique recommendations along with the most affordable price.




Think about which feeling you want the most and choose your trip. Receive an itinerary within one hour with all the best & most affordable recommendations designed to make you feel that way.


Choose your favorite three places and find out where those places are after selection. We’ll put together a itinerary with all the best & most affordable recommendations. This will save you time and money!


Contact us with any ideas for trips you might have and we’ll make it happen. Someone will work personally with you to create a trip that fits your budget and needs – all at the comfort of your home!


“When you’re traveling to a different place around the world, not only do you want to enjoy it to the fullest but you also want to not be stressed out about planning day to day excursions. Working with Travelniq was truly an incredible experience”

Carolina Guzman

“They really focused on catering to all the specific things I wanted; their itineraries were filled with great ideas and tips. They went above and beyond to make my travel experience as rewarding as it turned out to be!!! Highly recommend!”

Samuel Rondon

“The best travel company for sure. I’d always wanted to go to Europe but I was unsure of what to do and where to go. Working with Travelniq was awesome. Definitely made the trip of my dreams come true!” 

Bruna Lourenco

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